Thursday, April 28, 2011

Walking on the wild side.....more or less

While zipping along through one of the small towns of NH
you really couldn't miss this Roman Catholic Church.
It was BIG, it was GOTHIC, it was BEAUTIFUL!
 It was tough to get it all in even with 18mm. 
 And I totally couldn't resist black and white.
Queue the scary music.
 And then we took a walk and came across wildlife.
The mallard duck was flying.
 And then he was swimming.
 And then there was this poser. 
I have 131843834938413 pix of him, but this was the best.
Going to go somewhere and do something today!
Can't wait.


  1. love the squirrel photo~we have a million of them ( well not really) but several~ been missing your blog!!! love the pic's, girl!!!

  2. Fabby pics! Love that fat squirrel! Heehee.

  3. OKAY - the photos are friggin amazing -- I've missed you.
    Also - I love you, but dude, my mojo is's YOUUUUU :|

  4. Love the pictures, you are too funny with the black and white and music! have fun and enjoy your visit!

  5. Phenomenal photos, Lynn! You are such a skilled photographer!

  6. Love those pictures Lynn, aren't the old churches in New England amazing ... love the old granite and stained glass that abounds. Your wildlife pics are fun too, the squirrels in NH are among the friendliest I think on earth, probably because everyone feeds them, but they always seem ready for their photo moments. Can't wait to see your scrappy pages featuring all these lovely pictures.

  7. girl - you are rocking the use of your camera! I love your pictures! the action of the duck is amazing!


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