Thursday, April 7, 2011


at playing the challenges at Moments.
This was my pal April's challenge. To find a photo that had
a humorous bent to it, and tell the story behind it.
Without further ado: 
except that is old deja vu paper.
Journaling: Caught in the parking lot in Starbuck’s by mamarazzi!! This is Shane, who’s my totally enthusiastic about life child changing into his new clothes in the car. As a joke, I waved my camera around as we laughed and giggled, little did he know I actually hit the button. It really didn’t surprise me that he was changing in the car, only that he waited from the mall to Starbucks  Because he gets so excited about anything new,  I had to wait until the day before school started to buy new clothes and supplies. He would put on the clothes and use the supplies the minute we were home.
It drove me crazy. 
So here we are taking Shane shopping
on Christmas Eve for new clothes and
shoes, and he can’t wait to get home 
before he puts them on. 
You have to love the way he appreciates new things.


  1. ****giggling***funny story!!! Super cute Lo~I love that you are using your stash~I do that too!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA -- LOVE this one!!! and in honor of *my* month, I am so excited that your blog uses my name everyday more than just once *snort*

  3. Ha ha - what a cute story! I think I can relate - I was the SAME way!

  4. How funny! I love your story and your layout. This will be priceless to your son in years to come.

  5. Awesome page, awesome photo ... great job as usual with the challenge. I haven't scrapped this month, but I'm hoping too soon, maybe all your wonderful work will inspire me.


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