Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Newly Hatched..

the title courtesy of my pal April.
I wanted something different.
My baby albums have become somewhat cookie cutter.
And I felt the need to break out.
She said don't mess with a good thing.
So I sort of did. Kept it sort of the same but made it more playful.
Which was totally a blast.

All Lillybee designs paper except for some bazzill.
QK and punches. OMG. I used punches I forgot I had. AND QK for 
that matter. Oh and a Sissix swirl. I love swirls.
Oh and the overhanging embellies on the mat. 
Pix can be slid under them. 
I have a Fancy Pants transparency over the first page
to protect the birds. And I don't remember who
made the swirly thing under the birds.


  1. adorable mini!!! awesome job, girl!!!

  2. PERFECT title!!

    MUHAHAHAHA - way to edit what I actually said re: cookie cutter hahahahahaha.

    I absolutely love love love this -the papers make this SO fun...and the eyes on the birds (not even mentioning their legs...dang it just did...)

    SPECTACULAR as usual!!

  3. I love this! The little birds are just too cute!

  4. Your album is gorgeous! Looks like a lot of certainly poured your heart into it because it shows. Beautiful.

  5. OMG ... this is a fabulous baby book, love the title on it ... you should sell these albums Lynn, they're amazing.


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