Thursday, April 21, 2011

April LO tag at Moments is a total blast....

It's like that old TV show where the celebs would
whisper a message in someone's ear and it would 
get passed on the next til the end.
And at the end, the message is nothing like the original.
So here's my verision when I got tagged,
which was verision eleventy-ten. LOL!!!
This is O playing at the SHORE (totally diff than the beach) 
because it was in NJ. lol!!
Cosmo Cricket - swim :)


  1. yes this is adorable~love that CC paper too!!!

  2. Gorgeous - and you've used the PERFECT designer paper!!

  3. Love those new Cosmo papers!
    Such a cute page!

  4. oh i Love that paper Lynn!! great layout!!!

  5. I love your page, it's so bright and fun, perfect for the little guy who's the star. I don't really understand the LO Tag, you'll hve to explain it to me sometime.

  6. great photos for those papers. Wonderful job!

  7. haha, you know it! we always say the Shore, LOL!

    fun lo!!!!


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