Monday, April 4, 2011

And another manic Monday at Moments (4.4)

with my pal April!
It appears our mojo is sucked out by the sun by day.
But come nightfall....
we rock the patterned paper and challenges.
 So above is a photo of me and the kids in my dad's pool.
It's not a great picture but zero in on Shane's 
smile and the way he's just laying so
casually on my arm.
Which is odd because I am NEVER casual in the water.
I don't swim worth mentioning and tried to NOT
pass that on to the kidlets. Did a great job
they swim like fishes!
(Use your strips/scraps challenge)
Cosmo Cricket which is 6x12 why? because that's all of the paper
I had and it was perfect for the photo, QK holiday)
And my lil ConMan. He's just so sweet and the spitting
image of his dad. Which absolutely
amazes and astounds me.
Sassafrass lass and thickers.
(Oh really a scraplift challenge from Moments of Pam)


  1. Fabby layouts! I don't know if those swimming pics were taken recently...but if you're enjoying THAT kind of weather, then you certainly AREN'T in the northeast anymore!! LOL!

  2. Oh Lynn these are great layouts! (I love the photos too - such a happy swimming day, and the expression on that handsome little guy's face!) Beautiful! :o)

  3. Oh Lynn I love both of these~I'm that way aboout water also. but both boys love it and so do the grands!! enjoy your blog so much!!

  4. Great layouts Lynn! Love the bright colors on that second one. I could use some swimming pictures right now. I may need to dig those out just to remind me what that weather feels like!

  5. So much fun colors and cute pics,great layouts!

  6. Love these! Playing around with you and getting things done -- it's a friggin blast! :)

  7. More gorgeous pages ... love that you work so well with challenges, sure wish you could bottle that and sell it because challenges shut me down. I guess you could say I'm challenged ... LOL.


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