Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mountains in spring.....

Are not good for the sandaled feet.
Why would I be wearing sandals in the snow you ask?
Well NH'rs are a hardy lot and the minute spring is in the air,
the summer duds come out,
not being one to stand out I jumped on in
with both feet. LMAO.....
 To zip down in the snow to get this shot of the basin.
It was cold.
And wet.
 But worth it.
 We were supposed to go UP the moutain, however the summer doesn't
start until May 27th. So the little gondolas weren't operational.
 And I wish I could share the sound of this
raging river.
It was awesome!
Oh I played with total MANUAL settings. 
It was fun. 
And since the mountains weren't going anywhere if I wasn't sure,
 AUTO was there!!!


    I am so totally jealous -we needed to do that together...we'd have gotten lost and then found, and had a wonderful time....
    BUT -- YOU got to go and I am SOOOOOOOOOO giddy for you!!! :)
    AWESOME shots - get to scrappin' soon chickie!!

  2. wow!!Beutiful country that is for sure and your "feet" too cute!!!

  3. Oh the "spots" you can see in New Hampshire, so happy you got to venture out and find the beauty.

  4. GORGEOUS scenery!!! and you are crazy for wearing sandals in the snow!!!


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