Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Continuing the Melbourne Tour....

Rustic broken windows in buildings.
What is NOT to love.
These were 2nd or maybe 3rd story and that is a palm tree
adding cool green to balance out the rustic.
And this preset which I hit by accident and love the result
It's all about the saturation. I love it.
 This sigh was in the 905 coffee shop where I had a refreshing
Iced Mocha.
I almost spewed my precious coffee. lmao....its perfect.
And this lil dude just made me laugh.


  1. lol that pig made me laugh to!!!

  2. love the pics!keep em' coming!!!

  3. LOVE these! I *heart* the colors in the first one :)

  4. bwahahahha - I want the coffee sign! that is hilarious! Loving all your pictures! BEcoming quite the photographer!!


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