Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My pal April (see below)

Has a fun, funky style  and a quirky sense of humor.
She came up with the A3C challenge over on her blog.
The challenge, for the month of April was to do an artistic journal everyday in the month of April.
I don't seem to be grasping the artistic.
My pages look like my scrapbook pages.
Which defeats the whole point.
 Or does it?
 I just can't seem to break out of the box.
However, it doesn't stop me from trying. 
Regardless of the whole break out thing.
I've been having a good time with the project.
Hop on over to April's blog
for a more artistic bent.


  1. I love it. "Artistic" is subjective. :) I think it is a fantastic idea and a great representation.

  2. Hey - it's capturing your month of April 2011 - and it's yours, so you can do whatever you want with it! I happen to like yours because it is you. Now mine looks like chaos and that is sooo me (hahaha even though it's true). and OMG thank you for the link -- would love to have anyone else play along or even follow my chaotic ramblings :)

  3. if you are having a blast and enjoying ~ doesn't matter!!!super job Lynn!!!

  4. It looks artistic to me. That is a nice idea to journal everyday of the month. Great job!

  5. I have never done an art journal but I think yours looks great! thanks for the vote of confidence on my lens. I can't wait to get me.

  6. I've never done a journal myself...but I think yours rocks!

  7. beautiful pages! great art journal it will be :-)

  8. This is fabulous & what a great idea!

  9. I love this and I agree that "artistic" is subjective. I personally adore your art!

  10. I'm working on a bit of an art journal as well, not everyday though, because I know myself too well, and if I try and commit to a schedule I'll fail miserably, so I work on my schedule and go from there. Love what you've done Lynn, and heck I say why break out of your box when everything you do is gorgeous in there, it's your style, go with it.


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