Friday, March 11, 2011

So here I am Dabbling in things that

totally fascinate me and intimidate me at the same time.

I admit the artsy journals fascinate me. I have a couple of books of them. And I adore Somerset Memories.

I have an artsy journal/book which I started. Most of my pages looked like scrapbook pages.

Then I got daring. (to me)

And stopped.

And started.

And stopped.

Here's the latest attempt.

I don't feel confident about this form of art.

I concentrate on what I don't have.
Fancy cool handwriting.
The ability to draw.

But I'm not gonna let it stop me. One of these days..............


  1. Fun! I see alot of great playing there!

  2. HEY. you know how to tell a story. You also can draw THE WAY YOU DRAW. and your handwriting is YOURS. Thus, it's all good, it's all cool. The stuff of rock stars ;)

    I happen to like this -- how many things did you..uh..overspray with the glimmmer mist? hahahahaha

  3. And that's exactly what I do. How else will you figure it out unless you try, right? That's my philosophy anyway. You did fab with the masking!

  4. Oh this is pretty!!! I'm intimidated by glimmer mists. I make a huge mess. You make it look so easy.

    I'm still perplexed, though! Even though I'm a follower and all, your feed is still not coming up in my reader. Grrrr. 'tis ok....I will check manually whenever you comment. :) thanks so much for stopping by and always leaving such a sweet comment.

  5. that is what I'm doing dabbling in the art journaling~ at least you showed yours ( and it is way cute) I havn't got the nerve to post mine yet. keep at it it is fun!!!


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