Friday, March 18, 2011

Playing around............

Yesterday I decided that I just needed to bite the bullet and hop back on my bike.
I haven't exercised on purpose in MONTHS.
AND it shows.
Gained back some of the weight it that took me 2 years to lose.
NOT HAPPY about that at ALL.
And then WW changed their program. Sigh.
I really loved riding all over town so it really wasn't a hardship.
So I hopped on the bike and huffed and puffed my way to Wachovia.
It's about 5 miles. ONE way.
Because in instead of just riding, I like missions.
And for now, Exedrin is my BFF. LOL!

In the midst of the pain, I managed to complete another challenge at Moments.
The impromtu challenge was to play around.
So I did.
From the life and paper addict blog April discovered how to make
those adorable flowers.
So I created some to match this paper. 
And they look aorable on this LO.
That's Aunt Ruthie with her mom, my great grandmother.
They don't look happy.
They could be a contentious lot. 
They were all dressed up.
Foo Fa La paper & buttons. A total blast from the past.
I have more.
April's lace. Keiser brad.
QK swirl, label, magnolia alpha.


  1. I have that paper too~I always liked it for the vintage look ogf it. Love the LO and totally understand about the bike!!

  2. Yeah I have been trying to hop back into my yoga practice... Its been so long I am now hobbling along saying ow ow ow.

    Very cute lo, love that photo!

  3. Great job on the challenge :) Hope your aches and pains go away soon. Need to get back on Pilates...better find my pain reliever first...sigh. Have a great weekend :)

  4. WAY TO GO with all the physical activity. Great challenge work of course. Gram will be so happy when I tell her all of the stuff that has been done with her lace! ;)
    hilarious picture LOL

  5. Oh, how gorgeous, Lynne! Those flowers are just awesome, and look at you--making the Foof all fresh and new. I'm hoarding that paper, but I might just have to dig it out soon thanks to you!


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