Thursday, March 24, 2011

I made an executive decision...

Shocking I know.
However, we have this rosebush in front of our garage.
In a little patch of dirt.
Honestly the bush should never survive much less bloom.
So here I AM in the house and the bush is not.
It's outside blooming where I can't see it.
Where is the enjoyment in that?

So since its going to die anyway......
I made the executive decision to whack them off the bush, while in bloom.
Plop it in a glass, set it on my desk and admire it from inside the house.
I totally need to make decisions like this WAY more often.


  1. I understand~I would have done that too!! Enjoy them!!!

  2. You should do this ALLLL OF THE TIME!!! Cut 'em, they'll make more!!

  3. I would have done this, too!!!


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