Thursday, March 10, 2011

And because you have been breathlessly waiting.........THE DECK!

That is going to double the size of the lanai.
That is going to enhance our communing with mother nature experience. 
That will allow more bodies to party down with.
Working on the screened in part now.
Will keep you posted. 
Because the excitement is more that you can bear.
I know.


  1. very nice and exciting!! we love watching our nature around us!!!

  2. yeah! i love love it...what time is cocktails?

  3. OMG>........I have SOOOOOO been waiting for JUST THIS MOMENT!!!


    BUT SERIOUSLY -- where's my drink...I should have a fave chair *snort*

  4. Wow...nice deck!!!

    Must apologize for not getting over here....I thought I was following your blog, only to find out I wasn't there! No wonder it wasn't coming up in my feed! Duhhhh!!!!!! I'm following now - so hopefully will be here more often. Sheesh I feel like a turd. Maybe I should flush myself down my new shitter, eh?


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