Monday, March 14, 2011

Do you know how hard it is....

to do a grapic layout when you're depth perception challenged?
It ain't easy.
Lining up those pesky lines is well challenging.
So because I'm always up for challenge, I not only did it once,
I did it twice. Bwahahaha!
I started my California photos after waffling ALOT.
I took A LOT of photos (shocking I know), and to my surprise many of them came out quite good.
I had made up my mind to learn to use my camera better and not quite divorce auto, but not date him so much. Knowing that if I REALLY needed to get the shot, and it wasn't moving, I could call on auto. So in the course of waffling if I wanted to do an album, layouts, mini's OH MY. Nothing got done.
(I can imagine your shock)
So I finally made a decision.
Not only did I embrace my inner Ali E. for the graphic style.
I embraced my inner Ansel Adams. 
I sortof trod where he did in Yosemite National Park. They actually have a
nature hike that follows his footsteps you could take along with your camera of course.
But we weren't there that long.
So..........we blasted around the park and got in all the highlights.
Balboa Park was a lot of fun. 
It was an adventure just to get there, I had to take the bus to the train, the train, to the bus, and the bus to the park. And then a lot of walking was involved.
AND I had decided that it was going to be B&W day.
However, the colors were so pretty and when the sun was OUT, 
and being the decisive person that I am,
I went both ways.  bwahahahaha!
With an artistic bent. 
Playing with semi-manual settings.


  1. Love the layouts! My camera is permanently in auto, I am just too scared to do anything else!

  2. you are a hoot!! and great decisions were made on your pictures that day!! lovely LO's, Lynn!!!!

  3. well I, of course, love what you've done here! Both for the lines (I hear ya sister) and for the bravery of manual settings...but really - aint no better way than practice and play to learn (preaching to the choir LOL)

  4. Love these layouts - they are great! Thanks for sharing!

  5. It is wonderful how many photos you were able to use on both layouts! NICE and hope you had fun in California!

  6. Love both of them!! Very pretty!
    I made myself start shooting in manual when I got my SLR 2 years ago and I can't go back to auto now! Just practice!!

  7. Love the graphic design! you did a fabulous job and love how it showcases all those great photos!


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