Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another manic Monday over at Scrapping the Moments..

and another late night hanging with April. Which rock 'n rolled with all kinds of creativity. Finally got some photos from Nick and I couldn't wait to use the paper I had hanging around from the first couple of tours.  I found it cool that the Florida boy connected with a company from Titusville, FL that started out by providing airspace protection for the shuttle.

If Continuing on the California trip, as Tom and I were driving around the hills, we found this chapel up in the hills. 1830.

I practically swooned.

Then as I was taking photos in the rain, and of course, just checking, the doors were opened. Unlocked.

I was beyond delirious.

It was beautiful, holy and had a congregation because I snooped through the bulletins I saw laying there. The history of it just boggles my mind.

 I love Old Town and spent a lot of time there. It was easy to get to and just had lots to do and see and if you get there early no ones in your way when taking photos. More to come later.

 I as I was cruising around, this woman was drawing and I loved her face and wanted to take a picture. 

I tried to be stealthy about it. And she kept catching me. LOL!

So I finally just asked if I could take her picture, she told me I'd like her art better and to pick out a drawing. So I did. And while she drew for me, we had the most delightful chat. And I got my pictures.

And the settings were wrong.  But that's okay. 

I'm learning.


  1. love looking at your pic's ~ they are the best. Your LO's are pretty good too!! lovely work as always, lynn!!!

  2. Great layouts, and I love the story behind the drawing lady. TFS

  3. Such wonderful photos & beautiful layouts!

  4. Nice! Isn't it fun to get so much completed? Cute stuff.

  5. Great pictures and love the story and the picture by the arty lady :)

  6. what a lovely post, love your story about the drawing lady :0)

  7. Love the layouts Lynn and loved how you scrapped the story with the lady artist! I think that's my favorite! ♥

  8. Your layouts are FABULOUS! You're inspiring me!

  9. Love the photos & your work!!

  10. How cool that you were able to go look around that chapel. Great layouts and love the story of the artist too.

  11. Love your layouts and love hearing all about your trip -- it's been too long since I've been there. :)


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