Monday, March 28, 2011

The canal behind the "grassy knoll"

is a happening place.
It's not very deep and there are fish in there.
I wouldn't go fishing there.
But others do.
Birds have made it their home.
Gathering in the early morning  and do whatever birds do.
They're so graceful and noisy.
Colorful and different.
Very careful and skittish.
 They all seem to get along pretty well.
The black one is a "snake" bird or Anahingha and I wish
he would've moved away from that stick
and a Blue Heron.
My hawk came for a visit yesterday.
 I wasn't fast enough.


  1. isn't it great seeing things like this! we get a white heron now and then!

  2. you certainly do get to see some wildlife, don't you?!!

  3. we need that snake bird~over run with those especially around the chicken house. Great picture!!!

  4. well LOOK AT YOU!! I *heart* stalking wildlife...unsuspecting that they are. well, until wildlife attacks :|


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