Monday, March 28, 2011

Had some fun on Manic Monday 3.28 @ Moments

And got a couple of layouts done.
This is a key photo in iphoto so I see it everytime I'm in the
iphoto and the title
has been floating through my head for awhile,
finally it's out!

And the two cutie patooties are the grandkidlets
having a blast on a carousel. I love
the bright fun colors.
I love working in all shapes and sizes. 
And having choices
and the challenge.
I'm also using my stash.
Once upon a one time, I was all
about having to use the latest papers, embellishments and techniques,
now, its fun to make the old stuff new.


  1. Love the way you did your title~ so striking!!! I love getting nature shots ~ feeling so proud for you!!!!

  2. That first title makes me laught Lynn! Very clever. Love how you can do all page sizes. I have a hard time with that.

  3. and I am actually doing the "" thing in my head thanks ms. title pants.

    I love the hopping from size to size....keeps life interesting :)

  4. Hey Lynn it is Kelly from the Moments. Thought I would pop in and see your blog. Great job on these layouts. Love your photos, too.

  5. What a cute title on that first layout and great photos.

  6. you are the QUEEN of scrapping different sizes! You go, girl!


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