Monday, March 7, 2011

Hubby did a good job

photographing the apeleated woodpecker.
Or as I call him. Woody the Woodpecker.
Original I know. 

He has been working this branch for days, til we run him off by
a. stalking him for photos
b. finishing the deck
c. he returned this a.m. - early, banging on the branch
He's a noisy bird.

Deck photos are coming soon! I know you're breathessly waiting. LMAO...


  1. ha! I love your comment on my blog. I think you are right. You just have to do what you want and not care!

  2. You get some of the neatest photos Lynn. :)

  3. hahahahhaha GOOD JOB G-force's BFF Tom! LOL

    I don't take enough pictures. Good thing I've got a seemingly endless supply of them in the house though, eh?

    deck photos are necessary.

  4. Great pix!
    I got some good shots of a wood pecker earlier this season! Which reminds me, I need to scrap them!

  5. great pics of the Woody! I am actually excited to see pictures of your deck!


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