Tuesday, June 12, 2018

VanCouver Port

Looking out on the balcony was this.
Dramatic Skies
(my fav from now on)
Coming down to the port in Vancouver that was
our final stop of the cruise.
(We took a bus to Seattle)

 This is the coolest photo I've ever taken.

I was able to watch the ship dock. 
And wow!
Those lines are HUGE.
And right across from the ship is a marina for sea planes.
Sea planes are soooo cool and everyone
stops to watch them dodge vessels to either land or take off.


  1. amazing ~ maybe one day we will go :)

  2. OMG all the pics are amazingly gorgeous! Don't you just want to go back already???

    1. Oh yeah but leaving before the first snowfalls LOL.


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