Monday, June 18, 2018

Using transparency stickers

These transparent stickers came in the new Studio Calico kit
and I loved them for this photo the minute I saw them.
However, the vision in my head didn't quite translate to the papers.
Ever have one of those moments?
Very annoying.
 For some reason I felt compelled to stitch through the ones on the side there.
and the green star has a 3D glue dot behind it. 
It doesn't look too goofy.
Anyway, this is Amelia flipping a tire.
In 6 years of Crossfiting I have never flipped a tire.
And flipping a tire really goes with the transparencies.
I have a tag tucked into a glassine bag behind all the layers
and it's just about us both being crossfitters and
that one day I hoped we could do a WOD together.

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