Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Around Seattle, again.

As you may or may not know, last year
we met up with the grandkidlets
in Seattle last year. (parents came too but hey
its all about the grands LOL)
And I got really lame photos of the space needle.
 And that could still be the case.
and NO, we did not go up.
Because Lynn is a chicken.
 Who can resist a pink elephant and since ya'll are seeing it tooooo....😇
 Another icon is the Seattle wheel.
And no we didn't ride that either.
Because Lynn is a chicken.
 And then Pike's Market.
 Lots of beautiful goodies.

 This little chickie kicked pigeon ass to get this crumb.
And he was guarding it while trying to swallow it whole.
 Seagulls because there aren't enough in Florida.
 Dueling pigeons.
 The winner.
 Again with the space needle because its really cool.
 Closing with Starbucks.
Actually we closed with some Church's chicken at the Des Moines Marina
and watched a sea lion bob up and down and some ducks
bobbing about.
No photos because my paws were quite greasy and
it tasted soooooo good.

Heading home tomorrow.


  1. great pics! those mushrooms are huge!!!

  2. Great photos! Could be marketing photos for Seattle...but leave off the chicken part! 🤣

  3. Seems like a great way to end your trip ... Seattle, another place I hope to see.


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