Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Denali - The Mountain

I was kinda bummed after the park because Mt. Denali
wasn't cooperating and decided she was gonna hide.
Well she popped out during the training ride.
 And it was me and everyone on the train that couldn't get enough.

This mountain is soooo high 20,310 feet and has its own weather system
and can be quite cheeky when she wants to be.
So glad she peeked out when we passed by.


  1. How beautifully calming and lovely. Great pic!

  2. Stunning! Who knew a mountain coukd be so stunning!!!

  3. So breathtaking! We were there in September and she never graced us with anything but her bottom third!

  4. Yay ... so happy you were able to see this while you were there.


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