Sunday, June 3, 2018

Denali National Park - The critters

The caribou.
We saw lots of caribou.
 The hare.
 The golden eagle.
 The man.
We weren't turned loose on the actual tour.
 The fox.
 Mama grizzly  bear and baby bear.
 The mama bear diggin' roots.
 Baby bear.
 More caribou.
 The moose.
The moose shed their antlers and will start growing another pair soon.

We also saw Dall Sheep - but too far away.
We did see alot and that was soooo cool.
All my shots are from the window of the bus - because
humans were not allowed loose in the park.


  1. Wow you scored all the wildlife! How cool, especially the moose and baby bear! 😍

  2. Oh goodness what a cool trip, such amazing beauty in this world.


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