Monday, June 11, 2018

Around Ketchikan Alaska

It was dramatic skies but this pix shows the closest
I came to a whale while cruising
 onto Ketchikan.
 Or not a whale.
 These next pictures are actually coming into the dock
at Ketchikan and are they dramatic skies or what.
 And they aren't black and white.
 but could be but they aren't.
 From our balcony on the ship you get
quite the overview of the town.
 If you ever cruise you totally need a balcony.
 Statue of pioneers.
 My main man.

 Dolly's here was a house of ill repute and has
a few rooms inside that haven't been changed.
We didn't go inside.
 Aren't  they cute though.
Ketchikan was the last stop of the cruise and then
2 days to get to Vancouver.
It was a lovely ride.


  1. love the buildings great photo shoot

  2. Great photos of a cute little town and awesome moody skies! I agree, I would never go on a cruise without a balcony! Such a great private space. 😀

  3. Now this is a little town I'd love to visit, thanks for sharing these pictures Lynn.


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