Monday, February 19, 2018

Using paper scraps whacked

So I've done this before and didn't want to do the same
thing again, NOTHING wrong with doing
the same thing again.
I do a number of things on my pages over and over.
So...I embraced my inner Lisa Fonseco. If you haven't
checked out her u-tube channel sashsay on over.
She has the most adorable, hand done pages.
It's fun to watch them take shape.
 Needing to use up the 999 straws that I have 
I tossed in a "stem and leaves" and
voila a really dynamite challenge done with slim to no
artistic talent.
 Of course I have a ton of buttons that need to be used and
you'll be totally seeing them again mostly
in the same colors because I seem to rolling with
similar colors too.
So how adorable is that.
It's too cute and I love that its BIG.
I don't usually do BIG that often but I'm gonna
figure out some more slim to none
artistic stuff.
Notice the "tag" tucked in the back.
 As I've been rolling with the tags.

The other "bloom" on the page is Miss Amelia
who rocks playground.

Studio Calico.


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