Friday, February 23, 2018

And here come more buttons

So it looks like I'm obsessing between and buttons
and doilies. Aren't you guys lucky LOL.
Anyway on a couple of the buttons are these
transparent sorta stickers.
Makes you look a bit more into the page so see what's what.
 Love that perfect flair pin, and did the same
with those stickers on the buttons on the bottom half.
 Doodled about the page and needed to have
washi tape over the diagonal line.
I seem to need to have something over a line like that.
I put the photo on an angle which sounds better than crooked
mostly because I was in that kind of mood.
I've wanted to use the title word "this" for along time and
finally, one more word left in that pack to go.

It's kind of simple and just realized that I didn't splatter
anything. I may or may not add that.

Studio Calico - candyland kit.


  1. What a perfect page!!!! Living the buttons

  2. Love, love, love the buttons. Your buttons are your splatters!

  3. Love buttons!! I'm never without buttons. Love your take on how to use them :)


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