Monday, February 5, 2018

Pelicans are soooo cool and love to pose

Love getting cool pelican shots as we hung out at the
north jetty last week.
It was a beatuiful day and pelicans can be 
quite the posers.
 Love the netting that I used to back the photos
and bring texture to the page.
 It brings quite the nautical flair to the page and
I've used quite freely in the past.
 And will no doubt add it to pages in the future
because I have a lot.
Love these iphone shots that I took of
that bird who was being annoyed by my friend Dara,
making kissy noises at him
so I hung in there knowing he was gonna
take off because he was kind of getting antsy.
Got a couple three clusters going on, the third
at a weird angle but I quite like it
anyway because I
got to use all my nautical quickutz dies.
Kept the title small mostly
because I couldn't think of one. LOL.

Studio Calico.


  1. Pelicans are a hoot! I had one just stare at me from 2 feet away on the pier in Gulf Shores a couple of weeks ago! 😲 He was stalking the fishermen and was not going to give way to the likes of me.

  2. Growing up pelicans were my favorite bird. The photos are fantastic. You created a wonderful nautical layout for your photos.

  3. look at all the fun stuff you added that makes me swoon... the netting gave it that extra umphh


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