Friday, August 26, 2016

Headed for the NJ Hills

It's been busy here and we've been out and about....

So we've hung with my brother/sister in law which has been fun.
(no photos)
Hung out with the grands and had dinner.
(no photos)
Met some of Tom's old stompin'  buddies.
(no photos)
Drove 3 hours ONEWAY over parkways and turnpikes and highways
to see my BFF from high school up here.
(no photos)

Since I was sensing a pattern here, when we headed
for the hills I grabbed my camera.

By way of Princeton and Thomas Sweets ice cream.

Took this through the top of the jeep that was fortunately down
and love how it turned out.
Of course this tower was on the Princeton campus.
Very historical and stately.
The ice cream was de-lish - I didn't get a blend
because the choices were overwhelming.
I settled on vanilla fudge - my go to.
After that we took to the hills of NJ and drive-by photos.

 The poles are annoying.
But pretty structure all the same.
 Jersey gets a bad rap, but out in the hills there's
alot of beauty going on.
 Spruce Run Reservoir.
 This is the ruins of an old church built in 1774.
How cool is that.
We're having a big Labor Day shindig and people expect cameras.
In my defense, if there is one,  it was really
nice to just visit and not turn things into a photo op.


  1. great photos! loving the journey.. now come home soon please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. glad you are having fun~love looking at the photos!

  3. Always love seeing your photos, Lynn (even when there aren't any, LOL). :)

  4. Sometimes it is nice to just enjoy some events and not make it a photo op...although I usually wish I had taken one or two! :-)

    Your drive by photos are always great, and you make Jersey look good!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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