Tuesday, July 26, 2016

B&W photo in sequence

Especially with the sequence.
I was poking around in some of my older photo folders
(say that 3 times fast)
and found this gem which I thought I 
But I couldn't find a page so even if I did scrap it before,
who cares. No rules.
 I scrapped this page at Holli's as well, and
shock upon shock, I actually completed 2 pages and she finished
her baby album she was doing.
Who rocked the scrappin'!
 She also had that bunny stamp - which she let me
stamp a page full of bunnies for later use.
Is he not adorable?
You'll be seeing a lot of him too.

I also borrowed some flowers. 
Oh and that gold doily came from Holli's place too.
Come to think of it I really didn't supply much.
I love shopping at Holli's place - LOL!!! She has tons
of really cool stuff.
Thanks Holli for the cool stuff and ideas!!!

Love how this turned out and I want points for working
in that pink house.

Studio Calico, prima, Michael's $1.50 bin.


  1. i do have to say that i love the bunny and the pink house they are my fav. on the LO i love when we get together and scrap bouncing ideas off one another is so much fun! every scrapper should do it!

  2. so gorgeous!!! love all the details!


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