Tuesday, July 5, 2016

It was one of those pages

That really didn't come together easy.
I couldn't make up my mind about anything.
Well except the base paper, and the star stamp
came in a really cool  stampin' up set with a girly skull and bones
and I really wanted that on the page too
but its HUGE, and didn't quite work out - so in
with the heart that wasn't quite so big.
Another 8x8 page - seems I'm rolling with
that size and decided to go crazy.
Love the owl and birdcage was a lot of fun.
A sort of title on the heart like a ransom note. 
It just seemed to work.
 Do you ever get stuck on a title for your blog
never mind one for your page.
I really wanted something fun with the witch hat and helmet
but alas none come to mind.
 And like who doesn't have an issue with stickers.
Like sticking your finger in when wet.
Or outlining a word and then sticking your finger in it.
However, it works, sortof.  Especially when its faraway. LOL.
It's a fun photo and I had fun making a quirky page.
I know she loves Frozen so there's a little 
character tucked in there and of course that owl.
The owl, leaves and cage remnants from my die cut box.
Amelia having fun dressing up as a witch to go bike riding -
Halloween in June. Why not.


  1. It turned out awesome, Lynn! Some of my most difficult pages turn out to be my favorites. :)

  2. love it! especially the owl peeping out

  3. Cute way to add stars~stars are just cute on everything. Love the page:)


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