Thursday, September 24, 2015

Selfie collage with my girl

I love the collage app called layout by instagram!
And below is a combination of
Amelia and I attempting a selfie.
 She was in charge of the button and I was in charge
of getting our faces in the frame.
She did way better!!!
 I printed it out 8x10 and I was concerned since
these were iphone photos but 
no worries they came out great.
And I used 8.5x11 cardstock to mount it on.
 Using Basic Grey embellies about helped pull it together.
I did keep them to a minimum.
This was a lot fun to do and there's another collage coming up.
I'm highlighting some of the fun pix that I took on the
trip - that some did make in my
road trip album - but these I wanted bigger and
in my regular albums.


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