Sunday, September 20, 2015

Scrapping on the road - Round 9

I used this map we procured from the NC visitor center
to use as a base paper for this page.
That is our RV and main man getting ready to
disembark from the Cape May Ferry.
 Chincoteague and Assateague Parks were
about my favorite - beautiful lands with wild horses
and a lighthouse - has it all to make one swoon.
Tom's Cove campgrounds were perfect to see both.
 We also did the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel
which was fun - although a bit wild.
They want you to go fast through the tunnel 
and keep your speed and all it would take is some
knucklehead to stop.
And they do.
For no reason.
But we made it through unscathed.
 Had a lovely visit with the parents.
Looks like Mamajean got her duck face on.
 Highlights of our visit to the Lincoln Museum.
It was fun to not have an agenda and to just stop
and see whatever caught our fancy.
 Chasing hummingbirds at the parents.
 And lastly the Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park highlights.
It was wild unboxing my supplies and putting them up.

This was what I had to work with.
I did purchase some supplies and papers along way - mostly
national parks stuff - but I did need some
cardstock as I didn't pack enough.
Also went to a real scrapbook shop and picked up some 'travel'
stuff there because I honestly didn't pack 
the 'right stuff'. 
Even the little tidbits were annoyingly 'wrong'.
I had never done pocket pages or project life before
sooooooo I ad libbed a lot which was fun
I used the bulk of it and it really was fun.
I also felt in my head that I was more creative.

AND THEN I open my mail to 2 Studio Calico kits
and putting all the stuff away to my
already packed papers
Can't win.

I believe I will have one or two more pages in this album
to "close" it. I had a windy beginning and feel I need and ending.
I didn't address about being in an RV for 2 months with my
awesome hubby in a small space
with all the comforts of home
but doing those "home" things on the road.


  1. They look amazing~love using the map as cardstock. Great idea!

  2. They look amazing~love using the map as cardstock. Great idea!

  3. All your LOs look amazing. We went over that Chesapeake Bay bridges and tunnel on our way back from Cape May. It was scary, thank God is was night time I don't like being on water for that long. Your trip sounded phenomenal.

  4. Loving the map as the background for the first page. What a great keepsake! These all look great! Welcome home. :)

  5. I love to use mementos from places we've visited like you did with your map! Wonderful pages! BL


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