Monday, September 28, 2015

Mixed media travel journal

Remember this journal?
It turned out to be my right hand man for memory keeping
along the way - there were days that
I couldn't access the internet nor scrap sooooo
its amazing how fast one forgets things.
This is the Tim Holtz journal and I am rather annoyed
because the little band that held it together
broke - and I wasn't even using it as I kept the journal
open at all times in order to jot things down.
 I was going really neat with the penmanship at the end of day
and that presented two problems.
1. Memory again. Lots of things were forgotten.
2. It was hard to find things written really neatly on the misted background.
 After we made a Walmart run I snuck a couple of sharpies
in the mix and they helped alot - I kept a couple
inside the open book so I could jot random things down.
It sort of helped with the memory.
There was always a case of either too much information or
the big one - not enough information.
 I added tickets, receipts and other ephemera along the way
but basically I had the book all tricked out before we left.
I also started making notes in shorthand - things I wanted to remember
later that other people didn't really need to know
or when I was whining. 
So if you can translate it - keep it to yourself...
please :)

It did really help when it came time to scrap- especially
names of places, i.e., cities, rivers, national parks and forests
we flew through that I was able to
take driveby pictures of.

I even have some empty pages remaining.
I highly recommend using one - and setting it up prior to leaving.
One of the things I learned from traveling/camping
is that its not always conducive to anything creative
or doing anything at all either at the end of the day
or beginning - your either setting up or tearing down
and then moving on.
And all internets and wifis are not created equal.


  1. Such a great way to keep track of your travel notes, Lynn and be creative at the same time!

  2. Beautiful journal and what a great idea! bl


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