Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bible Journaling for Today

Actually it was yesterday - and I was whooped, however,
I did do my devotions in the morning and
Oswald Chambers writings spoke to me.
Isaiah 49:5 and hopefully now, he will speak to you.
And now, saith the Lord, that formed me from the womb to be His servant.
That we are brought into the realization of God's
great purpose for the human race, i.e.,
I am created for God, He made me.
It is a joyful realization - that we have to learn to rely on the
tremendous creative purpose of God and keep our soul open to Him
in order to glorify him.

The margin of the page was gessoed and splotted with mist.
The alpha is from Studio Calico and accents
are from Paper Issues and my homemade enamel dot.


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