Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Scrapping on the Road - Final Round

Actually this was from the house but this page completes
my Road Trip album that I did on the road
which you can find in my blog - the titles are the same

only the numbers have changed.  
 I used the same supplies I took with me and I did
purchase some on the way - as I had whined about during
the trip - I packed all wrong.

The journaling brings it all together and provides and ending.

It's only fair that the ending is as windy as the beginning LOL.
Going forward - I believe I shall scrap on the road again.
I love having an album DONE - so now the pressure is off
(because I have a similar vacation from
3 years ago that I have not scrapped a photo from.
Gasp I know. But I paralyzed myself
by not being able to make a decision on how to scrap it).
I made the road trip album decision prior to leaving 
which took the pressure off.

This album turned into a chronological/diary type of
 scrapbook of the trip
and now that I am home
 I can just pick favorite pix out and tell other stories
that weren't included in the road trip album
and add them to my everyday album.

It was a great learning experience 
in putting together scrapbooking supplies for a road trip - 
as I found they are far different than scrapping at home.
Space, time, and embellishments are all factors that
I need to consider in the future.

Being in a 25ft RV with my honey was also a great learning experience too.
And we're going to be doing it again. 


  1. Such fun details! What an accomplishment (both the trip and the album). :)

  2. what a great ending! now i can't wait to see your favs.....

  3. Very nicely done~have enjoyed your trip photos and your pages :)


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