Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This old house.............and a double dawg dare...

I love this picture. 
This house is "the homestead" of the Anderson family.
My grandfather's mother's family.
It speaks to me. 
It makes me emotional.
It draws me in.
And I have never even been there.
Never heard about it until the photos surfaced.
But I love it all the same.
And I can't even tell you why.
The card at the lower right has writing that was on the back of the photo.
Yes, yes, a capital offense to scrapbookers everywhere,
but in this case, they're forgiven.
My aunt's, great grandmother's and I'm hoping my great great grandmother's
may have been recorded there for posterity.
And I can so live with that.
I used the original photo which is small and printed it in a 4x6
because I was trying to see all the loiterers on the porch.
But alas no amount of enlarging is gonna make that happen. 
So I included it as well because I liked it.
Your double dawg dare - is to take an original photo, make a print of it and use both on your page.

So my pal Lisa Rufkin Swift did a series on the joys of using
6x6 paper pads. And I paid attention.
Which I know shocks ya'll.
So that's MME from a 6x6 pad that I adhered to a 12x12
page because I knew I'd screw up the whole sewing thing without pins.
So they're all stitched together 
with messy stitching thanks to stalking my other pal
Mz. Ashli over at purplemailbox because I can do messy(now)
and I can thank her for the use of twine, splatters and other scrappy fun stuff.
I also discovered from watching gitter girl/Shimelle's videos - pop
dotting only the top of your embellishment gives it a fun and different dimension.
It appears I'm an equal opportunity jacker.
And because I'm in a sharing mood I thought I'd warn you that
 I have another 6x6 pad in my possession.
I know you're surprised 


  1. This turned out great! Way to rock the 6x6 paper!

  2. Way to kick butt with the papers!!!
    I like the photo idea as well - may have to be all over this one ;)

  3. Beautiful layout. Love those colors together.


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