Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The crankster...........

Well this was the title for the one yesterday only
I liked it for the photos here better.
Play on "prankster".
Anyhoo, it was a fun page with..............
Knew that'd surprise ya.
I was a total dynamo today.
Mopping, vacuuming, tossing laundry to and fro.
Even ventured into the attic and tossed
about Christmas stuff as well as
purged some stuff that should have long been disposed.
Tis a good feeling.


  1. Awesome vintage vibe going on this one, Lynn! Love the fun title too! Very clever!

  2. great engery!!! love the LO and Authentique, one of my faves!! You are not alone in the Create mag~can't find it around here either~weird!!


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