Monday, December 10, 2012

Iphone photo fun...

Sadly I didn't think of it right out of the gate.
Because we had an amusing incident.
I'm hoping to use that incident in my art journal.
(you can get up off the floor now
and stop laughing)
We sat outside the RV in totally relaxing, matching chairs and I was testing
my paperwhite kindle - it works awesome in bright sun light.
Love pelicans. 
They have such an attitude.
This guy sat for awhile watching him watch me watching him.
Peeps passing by admired our RV and since DH took all of the identifying stickers off,
they have to stop and chat. Took a few of the ladies on the nickel tour.
I need to get my nickel up front though. They were so awed by the end of the tour,
they forgot to pay me. I enjoyed it because we've only had the RV for a couple of months
but we've had the best fun with it.
So I brewed fresh coffee before the sunset and we ate deliciously steamed shrimp 
as we watched the sun sink into the horizon.
And no sunset is complete without the perverbial sailboat.
Sails fluttering, however, would have made it perfect.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, if you give enough tours, it would help to pay for the RV. :) LOL! Beautiful photos. I love the one of the sunset.


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