Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cruising Shanendoah Nat'l Park

on the way home.
The views are breathtaking and we did a lot of stopping and admiring. 
We even nuked my SIL's delicious chicken soup while admiring the view.
While cruising the roads, I took a bunch of pictures that mostly 
I'm not happy with.

They looked great on the histogram on the camera but once I downloaded them I found them less than stellar. 
Which is really annoying. 

Everything just seems to be off - lighting, settings, focus which is just covers the entire photography-picture taking actions.
 I'd like to blame it on not feeling well but dayam....I am glad there are a couple that came out which is better than having all of them being totally screwed up.
 Hopefully one of these days we'll get back and I get a do-over.
We made it home safe, sound and sick. 
But we're doing much much better. 
Colds are very annoying.
 Just enough to take the wind out of your sails.
And wow.
 Is this a bummer post or what.

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