Sunday, December 30, 2012

On the road again

 Tom designed the tour and it started out great.
We left Friday afternoon and headed to
Ross Prairie State Forest. 
Checked in.
And we were treated to some bluegrass.
Man that was a dark and stormy night.
And cold.
 We hit the road the next morning to head on over to
St. Joeseph's State Park.
It was a long, scenic drive and I got
to practice my drive-by photography.
We really need to have less junk on the dash reflecting
off the windows. 
And bugs. Squished bugs are still annoying bugs.
This night was 32 degrees and can we
say cold. Really really cold.
Like freezing.
 We arose and zipped through picturesque Appalachacola.
And it had the most amazing buildings.
 And doors and doorways.
And the brick and mortor.
 And rustic boats.
I have more boat pictures.
I'm know you're surprised.
 We also checked out on our way to the state park. 
St. George's lighthouse. 
We checked out a couple of campsites in the area.
 Sweet scenes in the St. George Island State Park
that is on our list to try in the future.
The others sites. Eh.....
 We were supposed to head on over to Manatee Springs 
but got distracted on reviews about Keaton Beach and ended up
at the Old Pavillion.
On the water.
 This is the driver and tour guide taking a well needed rest.
Soaking up the impending sunset.
 Which was absolutely amazing. 
Both away from the sun.
And toward the sun.
I only tweaked them a bit. 
Tomorrow we head on home.


  1. Girl it has been cold here too!!We were going to go to Indiana for the holidays and didn't go at the last minute because of the terriable weather. Besides all of that you did get some great shots~I'm really partial to the doors!!!

  2. Wow, wow, wow. Love that doorway pic, Lynn! Sunset shots are awesome too!

  3. Fun stuff, I love trying to take pics from the car! Sometimes it works, sometimes not!!!!


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