Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Challenge time at SNC

And I nailed 2 birds - 1 stone.
Love that.
One little word-Family.
Potpourri was using an 8.5x11 picture.
I printed the photo of the Murphy family on cardstock
and embellished from there.
As a family
we try to get together over the Labor Day 
and spend it at the shore.
However, times are a-changing.
Relationships change and all of a sudden the next generation is
New dynamics and changes can be very scary.
And there are those of us who can be into denial.
Have I mentioned I'm the queen of denial?
Like it happened so fast. 
Can one ever be ready.
To be in the next generation.
And be older.
And in my head - I'm so not the next generation.
However my body says otherwise.
But because I'm vain. 
I'm forever young.

1 comment:

  1. Such an awesome shot to have and how cute is that little crab tucked in there!?!?!


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