Monday, December 10, 2012

Happening at the Jetty

So here's the watercolor promised in the post below. Actually its my
watercolor journal as opposed to the 2 art journals
I have going on. The art journals look more like scrapbook pages.
But one of these days, I'm gonna busta-move.
However, back to this story. 
We were relaxing at the jetty when this huge heron landed in front of us.
With a BIG fish in his beak.
Of course any camera I had was in the R and any moves would've jolted
the heron. SO I watched as the birds antics unfold.
The bird landed and 3 young boys glided into the scene, accusing
the bird of stealing their fish (evidently they were fishing).
Trash talkin' to the bird, they demanded their fish back.
The bird looked amused.
They then laughed at the bird saying it could NEVER swallow that big ole fish.
The bird was still amused.
And in three BIG gulps the bird swallowed the fish while the boys watched.
Everyone was amused.
So in my head this watercolor evolved, executed with talent.
Evidently from head to hand a detour ensued.
Although when you stand WAY back it..................(fill in the blank). lol!


  1. Your commentary always makes me laugh, Lynn. I think it's great that you have a journal like this. :)

  2. I always smile at what you write~I'm glad you are going for it and it doesn't look half bad either:):)


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