Saturday, September 22, 2012

Homemade washi roses..........

Another challenge completed over at SNC....
Gotta love that. 
Because another challenge done means another page is done.
Fini - Complete.
In order to get guidance on the making of washi flowers
I found this Utube video and unabashedly
followed the instructions.
And I love the results. 
Basically this page started with:
the flowers.
Then I found the papers.
Then I began tweaking the papers making girly borders.
And ribbon.
AND then I found the photo by my favorite SIL
who shot this with film.
He can be such a show-off LOL!
And the rest.....
Oh thickers. I have a love/hate relationship.
They appear to stick to everything BUT my page.
And they go everywhere.
I know it can't be operator error.
Like seriously.


  1. Oh Lynn ... this page is beautiful and your flowers gorgeous. Thanks for sharing all your talent with us. Oh and could you send me a link to Janets scrappy site, I lost it with my old computer and have no way to connect right now. Thanks ...

  2. gorgeous page~the flowers looked amazing. You follow instructions good:):):) woukd love the link!!!!

  3. Link is now in - I thought I did it orignally = My bad.

  4. The flowers (and the page) are so pretty! I need to check that tutorial out. Thanks for the link!

  5. Gorgeous. I love all the glitter!! One thing I love about looking at your layouts are the beautiful pictures they always have on them.


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