Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Evidently I'm continuing in my quest

in channeling Ms Ashli - Purple mailbox  so just head on over there and check it out. It just happened. Really it did.

Connor has the cutest penguin face - and so reminds me of my Nick. So it appears when I finished this - shades of Ashli - there's washi tape behind the photo, which she just did - I used paint and she probably has somewhere as well, and she did some sort of border thing like my snowflakes - on another page she did, only she used way more.

The snowflakes - well that was a hoot.

If you look closely you'll notice. I die cut them and as I was putting on the glue because I thought what fun would GLITTER be on these, shook it all out, waiting for it to dry, I kept glancing at the the BIG jar and all of a sudden - A DOH! MOMENT - it wasn't glitter it was ULTRA EMBOSSING POWDER.
I kept glancing at the bottle but it just didn't compute until I of course had them glued down and was pondering the lack of glittering not being done. So I blasted it carefully with the heat gun and called it a day. Oh and penwork. Gasp*faint*thud..............
Another Ashli - who knew about layering tags. I want to know how she thinks ALL this stuff up.

I really do.

I did get to use my new $1 stamp and recollections tapes from Michaels.

So now I have a tag looking for a home.  I have this heritage photo calling my name - we'll see.......
A flash from the past going on here - that's meeee!! It just happen to shake out of the wayback box and it fit the page I was doing for the pattern paper challenge over at SNC.

6 months pregnant with my favorite eldest son - Nick and I have this deer in the headlights look. It was an adventurous time in my life for sure.

I know this'll surprise you - but I went in a different vein and used....Authentique.

The challenge was 3 florals, a diamond look, a solid and butterfly.


  1. these are fabulous~love the tag!!! me either~never think to layer a tag but it looks so good that way!!!!

  2. you crack me up! LOVE all that you have done here :) Way to rock it out!

  3. Great layouts and tag. That penguin pic is too cute. Love your new header pic too. dh has decided we'll fly out next time we go to California and I'm glad but in a way, I'll miss the amazing sights we always see on the way.

  4. All gorgeous work of course ... you continue to amaze me each time you post a new page, I adore the penguin page, fantastic.

  5. Wonderful work, Lynn! I see you're having fun getting messy with paint and such. I actually said "wow" out loud when I saw your new breathtaking blog header. I want to go there! :)


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