Thursday, September 6, 2012


See these Bo Bunny stickers? I really couldn't figure out how to use them as they are.

So I took them (not this one actually but I whacked the other up before I thought to photo it) and whacked them up.

Like this. BB makes pretty realistic looking tags and stickers which I think is totally cool.

So some embellies that had been laying around and taking up room, are now slapped on a page. I stickled them up. It got messy because I forgot they weren't dry and laid my hand on them.
 I know you're shocked.
So the challenge is to take some embellies you have laying around and will never ever use them in their current condition and whack them up and then jazz them up and slap them on a page or tag or card or.......
Scrap N Chat...


  1. ohhhh looove that layout Lynn!! wish i had time to play! hope all is well!

  2. so beautiful, lynn! i love hacking up my embellies too. lol!

  3. That's a great idea. I bet I have a lot of things like that, that wouldn't work as it is but could be chopped up. Great layout-very cute!!


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