Friday, September 14, 2012

So I've been stalking Miss Ashli over at

the purple mailbox (let me know when it becomes felony stalking please) LOL!!! And she deconstructed a smash book and made it look awesome. And yes, I'm gonna point out AS USUAL. I didn't have a smash book, but I had Junkitz chipboard. And it took me twice to get what I was after. I actually got the resist thing, however, the colors I used were less than stellar, so I flipped them around, covered up the unsightly mess and tried again. And wa-la - LOVE IT!! AND, I have 8x8 papers by Fancy pants - called the Daily Grind. SO now, I'm tapping my toes waiting for the next installation of the reconstruction. 
Because I'm a copycat that way.

I've had these Trinity papers forever and love them now. I snapped this pix of Amelia - and I'm not sure why, but glad I did. I broke out my trusty foam stamps for this one. Don't they make you swoon? And a new product to me - Radiant Rain. You spritz this stuff and out pops glitter - but in your face glitter. 
If you look close at the primas it spiffed them babies right up. 


  1. STALKER!!!!
    For once it's you and not me for real.
    LOVE the radiant rain...I may need some. I wonder if I even have an LSS?? I have no idea.
    Love the outcome of stalking - you're good :)

  2. you are too funny! I love what you have done :) Can't wait to see more!

  3. Love these! What a cute picture. Something about babies in headbands is just so adorable.


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