Thursday, September 20, 2012

Challenged in more ways than one!

 That would be me! However, being a glass half-full type of gal I turn them babies into opportunities. And why not. I once got the job because in an interview I was asked if I could lift 50 lbs.

I replied that if I couldn't I'd find someone who could.

So really that has nothing to do with anything I just felt the need to share.

I love this photo of my grandpop - at a young age - maybe his 20's, driving a coal truck. It had to be one of his first jobs because I only remember him working at Bethlehem Steel. It was such a cool shot of my grandpop doing and everyday thing at an everyday job and the composition is like YUM. I mean really. The challenge was a 6x12 double page.

WELL... I love 6x12 and can so relate. So I hinged them together and wa-la. Double page solved because honestly double pages actually baffle me.
And then there are more cool shots-modern times. This one of Amelia makes me swoon. Her adorable maryjane crocs and ruffled jeans. I mean really - doesn't everyone want to look that adorable-cute legs and totally small feet.

But the body changes and even stooping down like that is nigh to impossible.

Oh to be young again. Just to do that.

This challenge is the stamping challenge and its all about balance. I think I've balanced this baby out pretty darn well.

But I want to brag about the pearls and roses. It's a Prima thing and the entire pearls thingy just didn't work so I whacked them up.

GASP-I know!

Yes I know someone else probably had the idea but its mine now and I'm running with it. Whacking them up so totally worked. And its mine - all mine, twirling mustache and laughing evilly.

So the flowers is a stamp and I used water colored pencils, and then I have this fancy dancy water brush and made them - watercolors! TA-DA. (Thumbs in lapels - standing proudly).


  1. fun vintage how you did the challenge...i'm a watercolor girl myself.

  2. Great layouts. What a fantastic picture of your grandpop.


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