Monday, September 3, 2012

Together on Labor Day...........

is a fun, different venue, coming together on the shore. It has become an important a holiday as Thanksgiving. Lucas has devilish eyes.

Watching all the kidlets grow and change so much is mind boggling. And little Darla with her blingy harness was a hit. Other than babies, nothing like a 4lb puppy to turn adults and kidlets alike to mush.

The cheetos were a total hit and you could tell what the little ones were eating just by looking at their faces.

Lucas will be starting kindergarten this year. 

And Frankie is almost as tall as me - which really isn't saying much - although for awhile I was taller.

Another cheeto fan.
Including dad. 

Cousins playing together - finally.

Ending with a rousing game of peek-a-boo. 

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  1. Lynn, you have an adorable family:):) cute kids, girls~the bigs and littles!!!


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