Thursday, April 26, 2012

To Infinity & Beyond.....

Gotta love Buzz - he's always up for an adventure, as 
was Q-man on his birthday.
I'm told he wore this helmet everyday to school.
Love the photo and happy 4 years old!
Cosmo Cricket - can't go wrong for lil boys.
8x8 with journaling spots for mama to fill in.
See has quite a bit of homework to do.
DH and I are fixin' to hit the road to meet 
our newest addition. Lou.
I plan to take a bazillion pictures
and cuddle.
A lot. It can't be helped.


  1. Yeah, the Cosmo is perfect here, Lynn! Such a cute photo. Have fun lovin' on Lou!!

  2. very cute photo. love that paper!!

  3. Wow...this is just way too cute!


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