Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Murphybaby has arrived ....

 Lawrence (not sure of the spelling) Francis Murphy (call him Lou) was born on April 9th to Christopher and Melissa. His dad's birthday actually, although from now on, I'm thinking it's all about Lou. Lou almost made his arrival in his parent's speeding car as it headed for the hospital in Brooklyn. Very dramatic already, so he'll fit right in.  Lou is in NICU right now due to low blood sugar - so any and all prayers are welcome. UPDATE - some quick thinking grandparent snagged one! No pix as yet, it seems the parents are still collecting their breaths. The baby was named after Melissa's grandfather, and a win-win that made the all Murphy's tear up, Tom's brother was Larry, and the middle name of their father, Francis. We're headed up at the end of the month. Can't wait.


  1. Oh...now you have photos! LOL!!! What a cutie!!!

  2. congrats!!! he is so darn cute!!

  3. A BIG Congrats~Lou and my mom share the same birthday!!!! {{hugs}}}}


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