Sunday, April 22, 2012

Projects from the crop....

As you may have heard me whine about not going to crops.
Well I went to one yesterday mostly to hang with
my pals Brookie and her mom Suzanne.
We had a blast and I amazingly got a few things done.
 I was a pathetic packer and fortunately Brooke wasn't.
So what I neglected to take she had.
In copious quantities.
It took my breath away.
Now I know how to pack for future crops.
 Just take it all.
So the first pix of my beautiful SIL's I used my
Swirly doos kit which I shoved in my
super satchel along with a bunch of other
new papers and stuff I had laying about.
 I did borrow her QK and found a font I love.
Empire which is Owen & Annie. She has all their dies I believe and
single handedly kept QK in business
until she started to work. Which explains
why the company has been purchased and has gone
somewhat off the grid.
 There was a paper bag album contest which I did
but didn't enter, but completed. Because it needed more.
And I had to wait til I got home to do that.
 It was perfect timing I got all these pix
and didn't have to choose.
 So I used stickles,
 and liquid pearls,
stamps, and glossy accents. Oh MY.
I had forgotten how fun paperback albums can be.
I surprised myself by getting stuff done, and not
stalling out when I didn't have what I wanted.
'Twas a fun time and I look forward
to doing it again.


  1. way to rock the crop.. love them all.. i love doing the papr bag book quick and easy...

    lots of love

  2. aww~don't you love it whenother peeps are thinking when your not. happens to me too!!! Looks like you had a super fun time and had amazing, awesome creativity!!! Beautiful as always Lynn!!!

  3. Love the new book mama, send it to me :P

  4. part of the fun of going to a crop is realizing what you forgot and someone else just magically happens to have. :) you got so much done and i see your creativity was oozing! :)

  5. wow you got a lot done! And I hated packing I always forgot something!

  6. These are all great! You did get a lot done! I really love that first one...just beautiful! :)

  7. Wow that's a lot of great projects. I talk too much. I'd never get all that done!

  8. wow! awesome! looks like you had fun!

  9. I use to be at a crop every week and promised I always would be. I don't think I've gone to a crop for about 2 years now and I miss it terribly. I just don't know how I would pack it all up! LOL I love your paper bag mini. wonderful. Thanks for the comment on D's Paper Studio today.


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